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The guy really thought he could win that pool game. But unfortunately he was terribly wrong. Finally two naughty teen sluts won the game, the money and the guy’s cock and body. So as the result the guy was roughly taken and tied up on the pool table. And a steamy hot humiliation femdom sex game began. While one of the sluts was sitting on the guy’s face the other one was playing with his dick.
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A handsome plumber gets humiliated by two nasty teens

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When a handsome plumber was called to fix a water in the house of two sexy teen sluts he didn’t know what exactly was waiting for him there. But unfortunately all the guy’s tries to fix the problem were unsuccessful. So the teens decided that it would be fair to punish him! So he was dropped on the floor, undressed by the girls and they started their punishment. The girls took whips and forced the guy to lick their pussies and asses dry and to drill them for as long as his cock was able to bare it.

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